Chelsea Show Garden Envy!


I’ve got Chelsea show garden envy!

I marvel at the Chelsea show gardens. Fabulous plant associations, wonderful colour pallets, textures I desperately want to run my fingers through. What strikes me most and turns me a deep shade of green though is the structure. Every plant looks right. Nothing looks out of place. I long to plant in blocks. I would love to have drifts throughout my border linking it together. I yearn for formal topiary to add points of interest and exclamation marks!

My garden is dotted with random, individual plants that look they have been plonked down with no consideration at all. I am jealous of all that Chelsea precision, but then I take a walk down my garden to my greenhouse and work area. What greets me and returns me to my normal colour is staging full of cuttings and seeds. Those plants that look random at the moment have been chosen with care. They may look isolated this year but next year there will be 2 or 3 more, then the next year there will be another few. With a bit of effort and patience my one plant will become a block or a drift before I know it.

So, I will continue to watch Chelsea and every year I will increase my stock of plants. In a few years I won’t need to be envious anymore as my garden will have drifts and blocks as good as any designed by Chris Beardshaw. It will have taken me a little longer but it will have cost a lot less and I will have gained skills, knowledge and joy from my journey.

Anyone for Pimms?

Rachel (patience is a virtue) Whittaker

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