Why I can’t live without gardening!

It’s a pretty dramatic statement to make isn’t it.

I can’t live without gardening!

It’s absolutely true though. Just ask John how irritable and on edge I get if I can’t get out for at least a few minutes every day. I’m like our dogs when they don’t get a walk. I literally bounce off the walls.

Gardening is a bright green positive force that banishes life’s dark clouds.

It’s a great big smiley sun.

A warm hug on cold day.

It’s egg and chips.

A massively indulgent bar of chocolate.

It’s clean fresh sheets.

It’s comfort food for the soul.

All of us experience varying degrees of depression in our life.

For me gardening is my cure.

I’m not sure how it works I just know it does.

On my darkest days gardening is a bright light that guides me back.

Recent studies have confirmed what us clever gardeners have known for years: Gardening is good for your health.

Doctors are even starting to prescribe gardening instead of drugs.

Next time you feel a little low, step out into your garden pick up a trowel and pull some weeds. I guarantee after a few minutes things will look a whole lot better.

I would love to know why you can’t live without gardening.

Rachel (loves kicking dark days butt) Whittaker

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