What do weekends mean to you?

Weekends mean two things to me.

Firstly – quality time with John. He works away all week. I pick him up from the train station at 5pm on a Friday afternoon and the weekend really gets started. I cherish Friday nights. We put some music on, have a couple of bottles of wine, eat good food and catch up with each others news.

Secondly and may be a little less importantly (only a little mind) I get two whole days  in MY garden.

The thing about being a garden designer is that you get to spend a lot of time in gardens. Just not yours!

I’m not knocking it. I have my dream job and you should see my tan after the last week, (John isn’t going to believe I’ve actually done any work).

I get so excited. I can’t wait to get out of bed on Saturday morning.

I wake up with a mind buzzing with ideas.

I’m straight out there, tending my veg, checking all my plants are healthy, seeing what wildlife I can spot in the pond, filling the bird feeders, weeding, watering.

I get two days of total and utter relaxation.

I’m never happier or more at ease then when John’s home and I’m in the garden.

And that’s what it’s all about.

It’s why we work hard and get stressed.

To make those cherished times extra special.

So, whatever your doing this weekend make sure it’s extraordinary.

Create some memories.

Make the weekend earn its keep!


Rachel (lets get the weekend party started) Whittaker

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