Why Gardeners World Live works

Gardeners World Live works because it’s a garden show by the people for the people.

Now before I go on I want to be clear that I’m not dissing the RHS flower shows like Chelsea and Hampton Court. I adore them, actively attend them and religiously pay my RHS membership fees. In fact I bought my tickets for the new Chatsworth show last week. (Extremely excited about this and can’t wait till next June.)

The thing is they can be a little high brow though. They appeal to and attract the gardening elite with sizable gardens and cash to splash. Sometimes the common all garden gardener struggles to relate to them.

Gardeners World Live is the polar opposite and that is it’s secret to success.

I admire and give three cheers for the way that Gardeners World Live gives all of us access to the best and most well known down to earth gardeners. This year they had Monty Don, Carol Klein, Joe Swift, Jim Buttress and The Skinny Jean Gardeners to name just a few. Talks are free you just rock up, take a seat and listen.

You also get to meet the people behind Gardeners World Magazine and they are refreshingly normal, just like you and me. They have normal sized gardens and normal sized budgets.  They talk about small garden solutions, container gardening and veg in raised beds. Things all of us can take home and put into practice.

This year the addition of the scrumptious Adam Frost was genius. Not only is Adam super handsome with a dreamy voice I could listen to all day; he’s a 7 times Chelsea Gold Medal winning designer who is so down to earth he’s practically lying on it. He’s the type of guy you bump into at the pub or the bus stop get chatting to and instantly feel at ease with.

Here’s my attempt at grabbing a sneaky picture of my design hero without him noticing. (I think I got away with it!)

Adam Frost

He talked design in a practical no nonsense way showing all of us how we can add a little show garden chic to our plot.

It’s fab to hear he will be featuring on Gardeners World more in the future. (YIPPEE!)

The Show Gardens are deliberately small to mirror the size of an average garden and are chock- full of inspiring plants and ideas you can easily imagine outside your own back door.

How easy is it to recreate these raised beds on the Health For Life Community Garden,

raised beds

or this rustic fence on the Urban Nature Garden?


They even have a Beautiful Borders area where designers showcase their skills in a flower bed! The displays are designed to show what can be achieved in a small space with a limited budget. So take home-able!

The Plant Pavilion is bursting with over 100 specialist nurseries who are delighted to take the time to talk to you about their plants, where to put them and how to look after them. Their enthusiasm is infectious and sends you home buzzing.

I could go on an on! I haven’t even mentioned all the opportunities to buy plants, tools, seeds, gadgets, accessories, boots, pots, ornaments and FOOD!

In essence this is a great show that makes gardening, horticulture and design appeal and be accessible to the mass gardening market.

Well done Gardeners Word! Please keep up the good work!

Rachel (see you there next year) Whittaker

P.S. If you see this Gardeners World Team please don’t show Adam Frost. I would be so embarrassed!

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