A kiss from a rose

“Now that your rose is in bloom

A light hits the gloom in the grey”

Thanks Seal. A great lyric that sums up exactly how the roses in my garden are making me feel at the moment.

I’m having my very own rose festival and they are brightening up my garden and my soul in this gloomy rainy weather.

Roses are my absolute favorite plant and in my opinion every garden needs at least one.

They are a plant of contrasts and that’s what fuels my passion for them.

They have some of the most lethal thorns you will ever find in a garden (probably with the exception of gooseberries and blackberries).

They have the softest most beautiful blooms which light up your garden borders even in shady areas.

Their perfume is exquisite and adds a whole other dimension to your plot.

Green glossy leaves provide a fabulous foil for other plants.

They climb, they scramble, they ramble. Covering areas of your garden other plants just don’t reach.

As shrubs or standards they add formality and structure to your borders.

They are top dollar, rock star plants.

Talking of rock stars did you know The Stone Roses ( who just happen to be my favorite band) called themselves Stone Roses because, in the words of their lead singer Ian Brown it was “something with contrast, two words that went against each other.”

I wonder if Ian, John, Reni or Mani are gardeners? I hope so. That would be pretty cool.

You have to admire roses for their amazing names.

Who wouldn’t want ‘Absolutely Fabulous growing outside their back door?


It won Rose Of The Year in 2010 and is a repeat flowering bush variety. As well as looking absolutely fabulous it has an unusual myrrh scent.

How about ‘Apple Blossom’ covering that ugly fence?


This rambling rose has very few thorns and it’s foliage and stems are a rich green with copper overtones. Beautiful!

 ‘Creme de la Creme’ would look outstanding climbing up the side of your archway.


Its a wonderful soft creamy white climber with a great fragrance. As the flowers age they turn creamy lemon.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that roses are ACE!

And in a month where we have had so much rain it’s been difficult to even get in the garden their blooms are bright and big enough to be seen from the window and remind us that summer can’t be that far away.

So, as the rain keeps coming I will leave you with the words of Bette Midler

“Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow

Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose.”

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